THE CURLY-COATED RETRIEVER CLUB OF Great Britain OPEN SHOWSaturday 19th February at Featherstone and Hilton Community Centre, Wolverhampton.

Judge Mrs. Olwen Frances Ormerod. (Berryholme)It was an honour to judge at the first Open Show of the Millennium . I would like to thankmy Stewards, who did a superb job. The majority of the coats where of an excellent standard, the movement of a number of youngsters leaves a lot to be desired. I found a few Suspect mouths, which disappointed me.

VETERAN DOG 2 ( 0 absent )

1 Chapman's Sentryedge Grouse

10 year old, lacking full coat, good movement and top-line.

2 Bloor's Grenowood Gambler of Bowerlea.

9 year old. Good coat, carrying to much weight around shoulders, which spoiled movement.

MINOR PUPPY DOG 2 ( 2 absent )

1 Clarkson and Godbehere's Larachel Linconshire Lad

Good coat, nice head for youngster.

2 Clarkson and Godbehere's Larachel Angle Sea Rover

Litter brother of above, same comments apply, just lost out on movement.

PUPPY DOG 2 (1 absent )

1 Jones's Wingoren Beau Brummie at Roydi.

Well-balanced youngster, in firm condition. Nice out-line, good tight coat. B P I S

2 Carpenter's Big Duke

A baby that needs to settle, to show-off his good points.

JUNIOR DOG 6 (2 absent )

1 Abbott's Swickill Mr Blue Sky

Large youngster, good coat, needs to settle and gain confidence.

2 Russell's Darelyn Just the Ticket

Nice masculine head needs to mature more in body.

3 Carpenter's Big Duke

NOVICE DOG 5 (2 absent )

1 May's Cwmgilli Myrddinbach

Well-balanced dog. Quality head, nice eye set.

2 Killick's Gladrags Whistle the Wind

Nice out-lines, settled in this class and moved freely.

3 Westwood's Springcurl Ace Flier.


Scott and Lennon's Corbrizo Night Train at Largymore

Stood alone, moved well. Presented in good coat and firm condition.

GRADUATE DOG 4 (2 absent )

1 Scott and Lennon's Corbrizo Night Train at Largymore

2 May's Darelyn Jim Jiminee.

Well boned, nice top-line. Needs work to tighten feet.

3 Riva's Gladrags Universal Soldier

POSTGRADUATE DOG 3 (3 absent )

1 Osborne's Skocroft Sweet Basil

On the small side for a dog, but in balance and good amount of bone.

2 Riva's Gladgars Universal Soldier.

Good coat, nice bone. Lost to above on movement

3 Levy's Darelyn Inspector Ibson at Motek

LIMIT DOG 4 (4 absent )

1 Bett's Oakleigh Oberon at Kelsmere

Nice compact dog, good bone, strong hindquarters, moved well. Good coat.

2 Titley's Gladrags Umphrey Esquire.

Longer coupled than one above. Good coat, pleasing head and eye.

3 Bailey's Kelsmere Kingcup of Daelyb.

OPEN DOG 3 (1 absent )

1 Chapman's Shuvick Coriolanus ( R B O B )

A top-sized dog, but well balanced, correct out-line. Masculine head, good coat

2 Philips and Philips-McFarlane. Gladrags News Flash.

Coat not as good as one above, lacked sparkle.

3 Jones's Lizallwood Night Watchman.

VETERAN BITCH 4 (1 absent )

1 Way's SH.CH. Lady Rocksavage of Shuvick ( Best Veteran )

10-year-old liver bitch in good coat. Lovely out-line, still moves well.

2 Marsden's Grenowood Gabriella

Short-bodied bitch, with a feminine head. I have always liked this bitch.

3 Hull's Corbrizo Mazurka

MINOR PUPPY BITCH 7 ( 0 absent )

1 Rugen's Malanis Charmer ( best puppy bitch)

Pretty liver, well-balanced and good bone for her age.

2 Nicholl's Darelyn Koven Kate.

Tight coat, correct head and expression.

 3 Mercer's Larachel Millers Daughter.

PUPPY BITCH 5 ( 1 absent )

1 Nicholls Darelyn Koven Kate.

2 Marsden's Wingoren Barefoot Contessa.

Well-bodied youngster. Needs a tighter coat to complete the overall appearance.

3 Norris's Gamesmere Crystal Magic.

JUNIOR BITCH 9 ( 3 absent )

1 Nicholls and Tooby Darelyn Judge Jane

Liver in good coat. Overall appearance pleasing moved well.

2 Kerry's Cwmgilli Sianback at Kireton.

Larger than above, nicely put together.

3 Nicholls Darelyn Jenny Jenkins.

NOVICE BITCH 3 ( 2 absent )

1 Kerry's Cwmgilli Sianback at Kireton.

2 Tebby's Heathermead made in the Dark of Deriolet.

Nicely bodied with a sweet head. Narrow on front.

3 Martin's Springcurl Pearlescentcloud.


1 Ellinor's Lenellie Designed in Black.

Top quality bitch, should do well in the future. Moved well.

 2 Thompson's Malanis Coffee

Shorter coupled bitch, in good coat

3 Dobson's Malanis Witches Brew.

GRADUATE BITCH 6 ( 1 absent )

1 Ellinor's Lenellie Designed in Black

2 Nicholls and Tooby's Darelyn Judge Jane.

3 Jones's Cwmgilli Annibynnwr from Lizallwood.

POST GRADUATE BITCH 2 ( 0 absent )

1 Hollick's Crisella Immortalize.

Well boned, with good coat. Moved well.

2 Williamson's Darelyn Impeccable Iesha.

Nicely boned, with good coat, lost to one on movement.


1 Bett's Kelsmere Kaikoura BEST OF BREED.

A well boned bitch, without being over-done. Top-line correct, with good tail set, nice

shoulders and stifle. Presented in good coat, moved easily.

2 Lukes Corbrizo Malaguena of Pentar.

Tight coat well boned not quite the overall balance of above.

3 Martin's Springcurl Everonmymind.

OPEN BITCH 3 ( 2 absent )

1 Phillips Phillips-McFarlane Gladrags Never Say Die.

Feminine head, correct ears and eyes. Needs to watch top-line.

2 Marsdens Wingoren Amariamphi.

Good coat and out-line. Not quite as feminine a head as above.

3 Ellinor's Grenowood Hazy Idea at Lenellie.


1 Jones's

2 Hull's

3 Bett's.