The Berryholme Affix was established at the turn of the 1900's. The first recorded registration with the Kennel Club was in the early 1920's.

This makes the Berryholme Kennel one of the oldest Curly Coated Retriever breeders on record, in this country.

Olwen Ormerod is now the holder of this famous Affix. She is not however over one hundred years old, but is the granddaughter of the original holder. (Mr. James Berry )

Mr Berry lived in Bury, Lancashire and married Miss Holmes. This is how the union of their surnames created the original name.They successfully bred and showed their dogs, during the early part of the century, They had a daughter who carried on their love of these dogs, and she often won classes with her exhibits. Her children grew up with the same love of the breed, and continue to this day.Olwen has personally owned and bred Curly Coats for nearly twenty years. She has successfully shown all her dogs, and has exhibited them all at Crufts Dog Show.The first curly dog that Olwen owned was purchased from a breeder as a dog in need of a good home. This dog was Settgarth Lamplight a liver aged ten months. Pictures of him can be seen on the pages marked Liver dogs. Shortly after she bought him, she took him to a show and asked one of the exhibitors to have a look at him, they said "take him home, he will only make a pet "Olwen took him home, and with a lot of work and time, she entered him in a show, he won.Within twelve months she had qualified him for Crufts Dog Show. The original exhibitor, who had told Olwen to take him home, came up to her and congratulated her on, the dog's success.A Gamekeeper from Hull saw the dog, and wanted to use him at stud. Olwen agreed only if she could buy the pick of the litter.The Phantom of Berryholme was a black bitch, who was to become the brood for future generations. Her picture can be seen, on the pages marked black dogs. She did well in the show ring, and qualified for Crufts. She had three litters in her lifetime; Olwen kept one puppy from each litter. These being Berryholme Leader (1 Challenge Certificate), Berryholme Minx and Berryholme Phlash.All these dogs, were regularly shown, and qualified for Crufts.Berryholme Minx was mated and produced just one litter. Olwen kept a liver bitch called Berryholme Pawnee; she in time produced a litter.Olwen kept a liver dog; she called him Berryholme Clydesdale, Clyde for short. He has been the most successful curly that Olwen has owned, to date. Clyde has been placed in every show he has entered, usually gaining first places. He qualified for Crufts 2000 at his first champ show. He won first place in Junior, and went on to win the Reserve Challenge Certificate, this being at the tender age of 17 months. As you can imagine, we hope Clyde has a very bright future, in front of him. We hope to mate Berryholme Pawnee again later this year (2000). Any puppy enquiries can be e-mailed to Olwen.Olwen